Dharma Corfu


Located at Elena Stella Apartments in Arillas on the Greek island of Corfu, Dharma offers holiday arrangements from 13th May to 14th October for individuals, families, groups and workshop leaders with the participants of their seminars.

Included are daily meditations and different evening events. On choice you can book courses and individual sessions, such as Yoga courses, massages, cranio-sacral treatments, counseling, family constellations, wellness treatments.

Dharma is situated at 10 minutes walking distance from the Gayatri Festival (22th July – 12th August), the Sound and Silence Gatherings (9th – 23th September) and the beach.

Arillas is a charming little seaside resort in the northwest of the island with beautiful beaches for sun worshippers and hilly surroundings with romantic olive groves and great views for hikers and nature lovers.

The typically Greek hospitality of various traditional tavernas and trendy beach cafés along with the presence of several alternative holiday centres create a unique, relaxed, meditative and festive atmosphere.

situation map

olive grove
double bays